She has seen dozens through college

[Claire Kaga – winner Professional Non-Technical Category]

Claire Kaga joined the Energy sector in December 2011 as a Secretary at the Renewable Energy Business Incubator working in administration and financial management roles. In 2013 she was promoted to Assistant Manager up to 2016, where she offered business advisory services to incubated enterprises and supported the Manager in activity implementation. Claire’s hard work eventually paid off in 2017 when she was appointed as the Managing Director for REBi Limited, ensuring the sustainability and managing day-to-day operations of the company.

Inspired by the need to see a reduction of the adverse effects of Climate change, create employment opportunities through supporting the establishment of businesses, and reduction of poverty in Uganda, Claire set her mind to work.

“Over 50,000 people access clean energy products and services provided by the enterprises our organization supports. More than 200 direct and indirect jobs created by the established enterprises”.

Claire’s company offered scholarships to up to 58 students who completed diplomas in engineering courses in 2018 while 70 others are to be sponsored to enroll and pursue engineering courses in vocational and technical institutions this year.

Claire won the Professional Non-Technical Category of the Women in Energy Awards held in Uganda. Beaming with joy Claire blurts out “I feel very honoured and humbled and this motivates me to continue serving the sector. This award will encourage non-professionals most especially women to join and make a contribution in the sector.”

Written by Women in Energy Media Team

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